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Advantages of a taxation system in Estonia

The taxation system is simple and taxpayer-oriented: all declarations may be submitted in electronic form. There is zero corporate income tax on undistributed profits and a simplified taxation for holdings. No taxes are imposed upon the investment activities of legal entities. Estonia has treaties on Avoiding Dual Taxation with more than 60 countries.

Electronic residency in Estonia

Citizen of any country can get a special plastic ID card and if you have this card, you can register a company in Estonia from any country of the world. With this you can enjoy all the benefits of local taxation system.

Flexible bureaucratic system

It is not necessary to go to various authorities and wait in queues. You can submit documents online from home. If you have an ID card, you can register a company within
24 hours.

"Made in EU" marking

Establishment of a company in Estonia gives you an opportunity to mark your goods as "Made in the E.U."


Registration of a company

The completion of all necessary documents is done in full compliance with the Estonian legislation. You won’t waste your personal time resolving of various issues, our
employees do that for you.

Business operations

We provide a full range of accounting services:
Our specialists deal with all company affairs, including revenue service, working with state bodies and drawing up all the reports and required documents.


We provide complex support and detailed consultations from qualified specialists on any issue. We will contact you promptly via Internet, phone, face-to-face meeting, or any form convenient for you.

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Registration of a company

The easiest way to start a business in Estonia is to establish a new company, employing our services.

You need your national passport and Estonian ID card. You also can use ID card of Finland, Portugal or Lithuania, if you have already received it

You can come to Estonia to set up a company or you can do it online. But you have to come to Estonia in order to open a bank account. Then you can manage your business from any country of the world.

If you have an Estonian ID card, registration will take 24 hours. If you don't have the card, the process may take up to 5 days.

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Business operations

If you have an ID card, you can set up your company remotely. Thus, you have to come to Estonia only to open a bank account. If you don't have an ID card, you will have to come to the country or to provide us with notarized and apostilled Power of Attorney. It also makes it possible for you to open your company remotely.

We provide full range of accounting services: financial and fiscal accounting, submission of monthly tax declarations and statistical reports, as well as preparation of annual report and representation of your interest in interaction with supervision authorities.

We use email, Skype and phone for feedback. We can also meet personally in our office in Estonia.

Keeping of documents in electronic form, receipt and sending of correspondence.

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Tax advices, consultations as to accounting and investments. We also provide assistance in obtaining an ID card and VAT number.

All the consultations may be provided remotely, using videoconference or in another way. We can also meet in Estonia, in our office.

Russian, Estonian, English

We will contact you within one working day.

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