Individual consultations

Complex support and detailed consultations from highly qualified specialists on any issues.


Spheres of consultations include

We provide our clients with complex advisory support on all the issues of concern.

  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Business spheres

Legal Consulting Sphere

Our lawyers will help you to draw up a contract and conclude employment agreements. In case of necessity we can help you to find a defense lawyer who will represent your interests in an Estonian court.

Accounting Consulting Sphere

At the accounting consultation we will help you to correctly issue invoices for your customers, establish rules on bookkeeping for your company, check correctness of work of an accounting firm which services your company.

Tax Consulting Sphere

Our specialists will advise you how to optimize taxation in Estonia and help you to choose the best variant for your business. We will help you to determine the correct tax rate for issuing invoices for your clients, in case of necessity we will draw a detailed scheme.

Business Spheres of Consulting

Within this consultation we can familiarize you with the traditions of making business in Estonia, tell you about possibilities to attract investments from state funds, make a business plan and fill all necessary applications.

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