Cost of Accounting Services

Cost of Accounting Services

Accounting services of LumoTrust will ensure qualitative management of all documents. Cost of services is paid depending on the chosen package.

Cost of package of services “Beginner” is 49 euro per month. It includes accounting (10 operations), work with postal address (one scanning), calculation of salary for one employee, registration and service of a bank account, consulting (1 hour), translation of letters, preparation of monthly accounting report and provision of resources (500 MB) for storage of documents in electronic form.

“Small business” package includes the same services, but in considerably greater volume and due to this its cost is 99 euro. LumoTrust Company performs the following volume of works per month: 30 accounting operations, 5 scannings of postal address, calculation of salary for 5 employees, service of 3 bank accounts, preparation of accounting report, translation of 5 letters, consulting and 2,000 MB for storage of documents.

Cost of “Enterprise” service package is 199 euro per month and it includes 100 accounting operations, 10 scannings of postal address, calculation of salary for 10 employees, registration and service of 5 bank accounts, preparation of monthly accounting report, translation of 10 letters, long-lasting consultations and 5,000 MB for storage of documents.

Accounting services include sending of all documents in electronic form to the owner of the company. It ensures awareness of all processes and absolute control over the work of enterprise by its owner.

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