It is of no secret what role the Internet plays in all spheres of life. Among other things, the World Wide Web became very important for business development, and entrepreneurs from all over the world appreciated it, because with the help of certain services it is possible to start a business in any region of the world. Estonia is of special interest in terms of work via Internet, because it gives various opportunities to launch a business in the European Union. It is particularly important that citizen of any country can do that.This Baltic country is one of the most acceptable for starting a business, and it is quiet easy if you take advantages of e-residency.

What is electronic residency of Estonia? What does it give?

Electronic residency is an opportunity to get the right to register your own business, work with the revenue service and other government services, even if an entrepreneur is a foreign citizen. At that, entrepreneur will pay all necessary taxes, as if he or she is a citizen of this Baltic country. Considering favorable bureaucratic climate and soft legislation for business, registration of your own business in Estonia is the first step for successful and profitable activity in Europe. Taking all these advantages provided by e-residency will give you an opportunity to develop your business not only in the Baltic counties, but in the whole Europe.

How to get e-residency?

In order to become an electronic resident of Estonia and to get all the rights associated with this status, there is no need to come to the country. The republic is famous for its wide use of the Internet and that is why it is possible to get an ID card via the World Web. By using the document, you can easily register a company in Estonia and take advantages of the rights granted to a citizen of the country.

The process of applying for an ID card is simple, you just need to go the special website, fill in a form and pay the required fee. After that you can get a plastic document in an Estonian Consulate. As the result a person gets an opportunity to start a business in this country and take advantages provided to entrepreneurs.

Peculiarities of e-residency in Estonia

It is worth mentioning that electronic residency gives no privileges for traveling within Estonia and the European Union and for obtaining a residence permit. ID card can only be applied for economic and business operations. Due to these peculiarities this service is very popular among entrepreneurs from all over the world and, first of all, it was created for them. Peculiarity of electronic residency in Estonia is the absence of company’s physical address in the country, there is no need in it. Also general democratic nature of the tax system is worth mentioning and it makes the country more attractive. In addition, business in Estonia is business in Europe.

To summarize the above, it should be noted that, e-residency system is the ideal variant to start a business in Estonia and, thus, in Europe. Thanks to this service you can start a profitable business for many years and you will work at one of the most promising markets of the world.